N46AT Rebuild

In 2012 the opportunity came up and I jumped into the purchase of a partially completed RV-3 to RV-3B conversion from a local Puget Sound area gentleman.

The aircraft was originally built by Allen Tolle and made its first flight July 7th, 1980.  The aircraft was flown for about 1200 hours before it was parked and disassembled for the conversion from a RV-3 to a RV-3B.

As I finished building out my garage workspace, changing one of my two jobs, raising kids, etc, etc, the airplane has sat and really only been a great conversation piece at parties.

Although I have been slowly collecting parts, done some panel planning and worked on laying out an electrical system, I’ve yet to put serious “tool to metal”.

Last month, a good friend who has an RV project of his own in his shop, came in to town for a visit and gave me the proverbial “kick in the butt” that I needed to get pounding on this program.  I cleared away the bikes and other assorted “flotsam” from the airplanes half of the garage and got to work figuring out how to put all these pieces back together.

Tracking my progress on this blog will be just another part of the greater program.  Thanks for checking this out and comments or suggestions are always welcome!