Flight Controls 27

New control surfaces on the wings (Ailerons & Flaps) are essentially complete.

The Flaps will be electrically actuated and the actuator has been installed.

4 thoughts on “Flight Controls 27

  1. I am doing something quite similar to you, ‘restoring’ and old RV-3, although I am not doing the new wings, only the wing mods. As for the flaps, what actuator are you using and what method for all of the support structure, etc?


    • Hello Splinter, I did not purchase the actuator so I’m not sure, but it has Van’s stamped into it so I’m assuming it came from Vans. I can get you some more details and some pictures of what’s installed so far.
      The RV-3 forum on Vansairforce had a good discussion about some alternative actuators a couple of years back, so you may want to take a look there also.
      On your last question, I’m not sure why I’m doing this, other than I’m having a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks for the info, Mark. I was wondering if it was a Vans actuator, and sounds like it is! Best of luck!! See you on the VAF forums.


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